Onomatopoeia is from Greek and is a word that describes a sound made by an object or animals. Because words mean something different in other languages like in French, Spanish, or Italian than it does in English onomatopoeias' meanings and or pronunciations are changed. Ring in French is anneau and in Italian it is squillo.[1]The way that the words sound are changed. Onomatopoeias would be used when you need a word to describe or sound like the same thing as an object like a motorcycle. The sound that a motorcycle makes is rvom rvom. So the sound that anything makes would be onomatopoeias.

Words like zip, kaboom ,or zoom are excellent to use when you're writing a story and you want to give it some more life. It would give the story a special touch because it has onomatopoeias to make it even better.


Some examples of onomatopoeias are :

  • ring ring, which is the sound that a phone makes
  • buzz buzz is the sound that bees make
  • roar is the sound that a lion makes
  • Quack is the sound that a duck makes
  • woof woof is the sound that dogs make

Onomatopoeias can be found in poems like Old McDonald

  • Old McDonald had a farm eieio and on the farm there was a pig eieio with a oink oink there and oink oink here , here a oink there a oink



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